About Tamra


Tamra started on her mission to help others when she was two years old. She would venture out of her house to help her neighbor’s, in the process boosting their morale.

At 13 years old Tamra had a life long defining moment that changed her life and left a burning desire to succeed in all she set out to do.

As a teenager Tamra became #3 in sales for Tupperware Canada and was asked to speak at the National Conference in Winnipeg. Her speech was titled “How I Achieved Top Sales at 19 Years Old”. She received a standing ovation. It was at that moment she realized that speaking and sharing her story was her life’s passion.

Tamra has continued to work towards the goals she set for herself and has been promoted to several management roles throughout her career. Tamra’s goals have all been achieved since she the age of 13. Tamra now shares and teaches these techniques that she’s mastered for the past 43 years, within the Heart and Soul Leadership Academy.