Your life will be transformed to the very core of your human soul.


Ready Set Goals, Ready Set Go and Train the Brain

 The universe is designed to support your success.

The universe will bring to you what you ask for, so make sure you ask for what you really want.

You have to take action each day.

Believe with all your Heart and Soul that your dreams can become reality.

People will come to you and situations will arise that will amaze you. Example if you keep saying “I have the job that I have always wanted, then name it specifically.” Keep saying this over and over and over to yourself each day. This is called an affirmation and that is exactly what will happen in your life. It will come true, but you have to do your work as well along the way.

Attend Ready Set Goals, Ready Set Go and Train the Brainworkshops, where you will learn all the steps of how to do this. These are the steps that I personally have been using for 43 years and believe me when I say that they work. They worked for me and I know they will work for you too. These workshops were designed and based on how I have achieved all my goals since I was 13 years old.

Even with all the struggles, sicknesses and stress that I have had in my life, I never gave up.
I just kept going like an energizer bunny.

If I can do it so can you!!

Stay alert to the clues and resources the universe is continually providing to make things easy for you. Trust what emerges.

In the Ready Set Goals workshop, you will have the opportunity to start thinking about what want to do in your life and all about thinking big—opening to inspiration, dreaming big dreams, writing big goals.

You will learn to visualize your important activities, how to release negative emotions and “break” large goals into small steps, creating a clear path for inspired action.

Learn how to take action each day.

Be persistent each day moving closer towards your goals that you have set for yourself.

Never give up no matter what life throes at you, keep going. Remembering small steps taken each day get you closer and closer to the completion of your goals.

Be grateful for what you have. Gratitude: it’s an action, a CHOICE to practice conscious appreciation for everything you have in your life. Review your Gratitute listen a daily basis.

Start thinking of other things that you might want to add to the list. Set new Goals and work toward them and take action each day, always remembering to take one step at a time. Do seven things a day to work toward your goals. No matter how scary it might seem when you first write down your goal, just do it anyway.

You may want to do this all on your own, but I have a better solution for you, and that is to attend Ready Set Goals, Ready Set Go and Train the Brain” workshops.  Once you do that you will learn all the steps and the how to’s that I have used for the past 43 years. They are the steps that you’ll be following to achieve all your dreams and goals.

One lady that came to my workshops wrote down she wanted a new truck. She used all the tools and the new skills that are taught in the workshops and BINGO, yes I said BINGO, it is not that she went to BINGO and won money to buy her new truck. What she did was she took a look at her budget and found out where she was spending her money, she then realized that if she stopped spending her money unwisely that she could afford a truck payment. She went to the bank with her budget plan in place and she was approved. What she was saying to herself before was, “I cannot afford a new truck”.

One of the important messages regarding negative statements is talked about in the Ready Set Goals Workshop. Learn today how you too can have what it is that you really and truly want to become and do in your life. The most important part is when you find your purpose and passion and why you were put on this earth in the first place.

The workshops are empowering, inspirational, motivating and
your life will truly be transformed to the very core of your human soul. 

Attend the Heart & Soul Leadership Academy and be motivated to change
your life for the better.
 What ever your better is for you!

A Grateful Perspective

When you become truly grateful for everything you have, you raise your vibrational frequency and attract MORE things to be grateful for. Not only that – your positive energy becomes contagious and encourages others to see the world in a more optimistic light, creating a ripple of positivity that extends outwards to touch people far beyond your reach.

That kind of shared love and positivity is something the world needs now more than ever.




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