Ready Set Goals, Ready Set Go and Train the Brain


Most of us cannot remember our first steps. One day, instinctively, you pressed yourself up on small legs and with a sudden burst of self-assured confidence, one foot was thrown in front of the other. Those first steps were amongst the first of many goals you set and achieved in your life.

At Ready Set Goals you will learn the tools and knowledge to achieve your goals in a step by step fun, engaging group setting. Following the same steps that I have taken to achieve my goals over the last 43 years.

Your self assured confidence will shine brightly as you learn the tools from the “Heart & Soul Leadership Academy Tool Kit”. Providing the keys to unlocking your potential that is inside of all of us.

At Heart and Soul Leadership Academy, I motivate and inspire individuals to find their burning desire that is inside of them and to take action. Which results in transforming their lives to the very core of their human soul.



7 Reasons to Take “Ready Set Goals, Ready Set Go and Train the Brain

  1. Learn how a burning passion deep in your heart; leads you to achieve your goals
  2. Rediscover your past and live out your dreams
  3. Your desire and energy will be kindled and turned onto full power
  4. Learn how to re-wire your brain, which results in more productivity
  5. Learn to use affirming statements of belief
  6. Cleanse your Mind – Body – Spirit – Heart – Soul
  7. Learn how to balance your life with your goals in mind